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Sheep & Lamb Synopsis – AuctionsPlus

Insights into the dynamic sheep and lamb market, driven by seasonality, shifting demand and fast paced flock rebuilding.

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Key findings:

  • Quarterly rainfall averages highlight distinct seasonal patterns, with all regions displaying their restocking trends differently since 2017.
  • Purchasing trends for breeding ewes in 2022 have shifted, with producers now seeking out younger, unjoined breeding ewes, allowing them to join with their genetics of choice. This contrasts with 2020, when demand for SIL stock was rampant, as it allowed for accelerated restocking and lambs on the ground faster.
  • Crossbred and Merino lamb categories account for most lamb listings on AuctionsPlus. 2022 to-date lamb throughput was lower than 2021, yet tracking positively compared to the five-year average.

There are some interactive maps in this link –


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