So why choose Dorpers or White Dorpers? This video (produced by Burrawang Dorper Stud) is the first of 3 on this page, to provide you with some information on the breeds.

This video gives an overview of the history and attributes of the Dorper Sheep.


After watching this video you are now thinking that you might like to purchase some Dorpers or White Dorpers. Do you need some guidance on how to select the best possible rams and ewes for your flock? Please take a look at the next two videos that have been produced to help you with your selection.
Video credit: Burrawang Dorper Stud

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If you have sheep, you are required by law to have a PIC for the properties on which you graze livestock. This is an eight-character code allocated by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) or equivalent authority in each state or territory, to identify livestock properties.

Whenever sheep enter or leave your property for any reason (i.e sale/show/etc), that movement must be recorded on an appropriate National Vendor Declaration and Waybill, and reported on the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database.


NLIS Database Queries for the MLA: NLIS Hotline: 1800 654 743

Quality Control

The Dorper and White Dorper breed has an internationally documented and recognised “breed standard”. It is recommended that future breeders obtain a copy of the breed manual ‘Dorpers into the new century’ to learn the characteristics of the Dorper and White Dorper sheep. Copies can be ordered through the DSSA office.


The DSSA has a system of accreditation of judges and inspectors who have completed formal training on the Dorper and White Dorper breeds. These people are available to give advice before you invest in your breeding stock and their contact details are listed on the DSSA website.

Breeding Objectives

The DSSA recommends that breeders evaluate the traits they would like to breed and use.

Sheep Genetics Australia LAMBPLAN – for objective measurement

Breed Standards “typing “– for subjective measurement


The DSSA operate a robust animal registration system that allows members to access the pedigrees and records of registered animals to validate their status.

Animal Health –

Nutrition, vaccinations, welfare, and animal management is of upmost importance in your sheep enterprise. Excellent sources for relevant information can be found on the MLA website or your state run DPIRD or Agriculture Department.