Training in the attributes of Dorper and white Dorper sheep is considered an important role for the DSSA to ensure the knowledge required to build on the strengths of the breed and ensure that the important attributes that have enabled the breed to build a deserved reputation for high productivity across diverse environments with low maintenance is preserved and enhanced. Breeders are encouraged to utilise objective management to select for performance traits and to be guided by a sound knowledge of the visual traits important for functionality and soundness.

Before being considered by the Board to become an Inspector, the applicant must first satisfactorily complete a Junior Course, 2 Senior Courses and either 2 Judges exams or more recently 1 Judges Exam and a series of inspection with different already qualified and experienced Inspectors. Strict requirements apply with respect to the level of attainment achieved at each of these levels and it is only on achieving the required standard at each step that an individual can progress to the next step.

Each of the Inspectors below have completed this rigorous training and assessment process and are acknowledged by their peers as experts in assessing the merit of Dorper and White Dorper sheep in terms of their physical traits. Inspectors are available to ‘Type’ your full blood sheep and if required provide advice on selection of animals to deliver on your breeding objectives.

You can either contact individual inspectors directly or you may wish to contact the DSSA Office for advice of any inspector who may be carrying out ‘inspections’ in your area.

The following inspectors will be available during travel in Australia:

-Nick and Melissa Pagett will be available to perform on farm inspections in Tasmania during February. The will then be available in Victoria and South Australia in March. Please contact Nick and Melissa direct on their details below for further information.


Western Australia

Adrian Veitch (WA)

08 9881 4848
Mobile: 0427 948 339

Arno Vlok (WA)

Mobile: 0408 672 357


David Curtis (QLD)

07 4695 5125
Mobile: 0427 066 535

New South Wales

John Murray Connan (NSW)

02 6366 1644
Mobile: 0488 197 536

GT Ferreira (NSW)

02 4977 3242
Mobile: 0457 290 666

Christo Harmse (NSW)

02 6743 2565
Mobile: 0429 300 767

Justin Kirkby (NSW)

02 6729 7229
Mobile: 0439 367 737

Lorroi Kirkby (NSW)

02 6729 7229
Mobile: 0428 829 489

Marius Loots (NSW)

Mobile: 0427 571 098

Mel Pagett

02 6344 3226
Mobile: 0487 270 719

Nick Pagett

02 6344 3226
0428 643 900

Philip van Schalkwyk (NSW)

Mobile: 0498 013 988


Wicus Cronje (VIC)

Mobile: 0475 892 862

Danny Teskera

Mobile: 0429 462 660