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Dell African Dumisa

Introducing detailed performance recording to guide their breeding decisions is enabling the successful Dell African Dumisa Dorper and White Dorper studs to more consistently produce quality rams ideally suited to commercial prime lamb production. LAMBPLAN and genomic testing has been the focus in recent years to provide more accurate, objective data on their sheep. The studs’ focus on breeding structurally sound, fertile, easy care rams and ewes with a growthy carcass. 

LAMBPLAN and DNA testing has helped the studs record more accurate and meaningful data on the traits and provide a more extensive range of information to clients. The studs breed moderate to large-framed sheep that are robust, can walk long distances and will thrive in a range of environmental conditions. The stud introduced syndicate mating this year and have been carrying out an extensive embryo transfer (ET) program with the stud and recipient ewes lambing three times a year in April, July and November.

Progeny are DNA parentage tested to fast track the flock’s genetic progress and provide more accurate, predictable information. The studs employ a strict selection criteria, using the international Dorper Breed Standard classification system, now combined with Lambplan objective measurement data.  Rams used in our stud must be over eight for PWWT.

2023 DSSA Journal, Page 24


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