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Winrae Dorpers

Winrae Dorpers has been breeding structurally correct, fertile Dorpers since 1999. Stud breeders Nick and Mel Pagett focus on breeding and raising Dorpers naturally, with their approach founded on 24 years’ experience in breeding Dorpers in arid western and high rainfall eastern areas of NSW. Winrae Dorpers is now based at Bundarra, northern NSW.

Stud animals are naturally bred and grazed on grass country and run in a low stress, low input cost, rotational grazing system that encourages Dorpers to be hardy, naturally fertile and balanced. Winrae Dorpers focus on breeding a medium framed Dorper that can survive, reproduce and turn off progeny that finish quickly in any environment. Commercial clients in NSW and Queensland seek out Winrae Dorper rams knowing their physical performance and progeny will deliver for their operations.

Nick and Mel focus on breeding to the Dorper Standards and are both highly qualified judges and inspectors. Visual Assessment (phenotype) and natural selection are the prime selection tools, with LAMBPLAN and DNA Genomics also used for data recording.

Winrae Dorpers are highly sought after for their high growth, conformation and fertility. Stud stock are sold into Queensland, Victoria and NSW with Winrae Dorpers selling the highest priced rams and ewes consistently at multi-vendor sales. With this success in mind, Winrae Dorpers has purchased a high-quality line of White Dorpers to meet demand from existing and new clients seeking White Dorper animals.

Winrae White Dorpers will be bred to the same ethos as Winrae Dorpers, with Nick and Mel excited about achieving similar success.


2023 DSSA Journal, Page 28.




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