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Saltbush White Dorper Stud Advertorial

When you buy a ram from Saltbush White Dorper Stud it will be ready to work.

Bred and reared under commercial conditions on the edge of the Flinders Ranges in the southern pastoral region of South Australia, Saltbush rams express their genetic potential without intensive feeding programs.

They are presented for sale having been selected for their ability to grow and thrive in our environment and will be ready and able to go straight to work.

Saltbush White Dorper Stud’s 600 ewes are mated every eight months and we “aim” for 180 per cent lambs every 12 months. All sheep have been recorded on LAMBPLAN’s Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s) for 13 years to objectively select high performing genetics.  We use ASBVs to select sheep that are genetically superior regardless of birth type, age of dam and nutrition.

MLA surveys show that the number of commercial breeders using ASBVs when buying rams has risen from 30pc in 2015 to 60pc in 2022.

You can use ASBVs to compare sale animals within a stud and between studs – to know with a high degree of certainty which rams will breed progeny with faster weight gain, more muscling, higher fat cover or any number of other traits that may be important for your breeding objective.  At sale time, spend your hard-earned dollars on genetics and not feed.

All of our progeny now have full genomic testing which ensures accuracy of pedigree and increased accuracy of ASBVs. Over the last six years we have had seven sires used in the MLA resource flock, further enhancing the accuracy of across flock breeding values.

If you would like to learn more about using ASBVs, contact Saltbush White Dorper Stud on 0428 422 300 or visit


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