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Red Rock

Red Rock Dorpers and White Dorpers is a family run stud based in Keith, South Australia.

Brad and Tanya Edson and children Thomas, Breanna, Monique and Amelia Edson produce high quality Dorpers and White Dorpers.

Brad and Tanya have a long history with the development of the Dorper breed, dating back to 1997 when they were first introduced to Culburra.

Brad’s parents, Charlie and Pat, and Brad and Tanya, were involved in the Saltbush syndicate, with the partnership later dissolved to create Edson Livestock and Red Rock White Dorpers.

Red Rock Dorpers hosts an annual on-property sale in late September where more than 100 Dorpers and White Dorper Rams are sold. They also sell at the Mt Gipps Sale, near Broken Hill, and Ivanhoe Invitational Dorper Sale. Rams are also available for private sale all year round.

The Edsons also grow cereal crops and produce lucerne hay or irrigate lucerne for certified seed production which is sold domestically and overseas.

Red Rock Dorpers purchase new stud sires annually. This year, they introduced two new Dorper blood lines, Dell Dynamite, purchased for $18,000and Kaya Stanley, purchased for $8,000.

Both rams have sired some fantastic lambs that will be offered for sale in the 2023 on property sale.

In the White Dorpers, Red Rock has introduced Youlden Valley 200113 purchased at the Eastern Region Sale for the top price of $10,000. His lambs are very quick growing. Progeny of African 210498 which the Edsons purchased for $25,000 at the Dubbo National Sale are hitting the ground running.

The Edsons embrace technology, with a focus on growing and develop their data collection system. They have introduced a new breed elite system to provide clients more information via LAMBPLAN data.

All the White Dorper Rams have been scanned and their information has been entered into the new system with their weaning data, yearling weight, fat and eye muscle depth. Red Rock will also be collecting DNA material on all rams and ewes.

With the stud based in a climate of long, hot dry summers and cold, frosty winters, clients can be assured that Red Rock Dorpers are highly adaptable, hardy animals.

“The most important thing to remember is that you get paid per kilo not for soup bones,” the Edsons said. “Dorpers are highly adaptable animals whether it is hot and dry or lush and green they turn food into kilos.”


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