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Prime Dorper Lamb Marketplace

Prime Dorper Lamb Marketplace Update – 19th December 2018

The DSSA board is committed to PDLm and creating an innovative and alternative pathway for its members to sell its lamb to the market place. The board is also mindful of ensuring the sustainability of the DSSA.

The board of the DSSA does not see the DSSA as a provider of such a service, however a facilitator to enable that such a project would have the best chance to become commercially viable. With this in mind the board is currently negotiating the final stage of the pilot project which will then lead to the successful commercialisation of PDLm.

Due to the fact that negotiations are ongoing and not finalised the board is limited in what we can announce, however the board is confident and committed that a finalised agreement will be reached with the other cofunding partners very soon. A suitable agreement will involve a steady income stream returned to the DSSA via a royalty for every animal that “moves” through PDLm and that there will be an innovative and alternate market place for Dorper Lamb.

As a breed society the DSSA cannot encourage its members enough to support PDLm in its final stages of the project and then in commercialisation, as benefits will flow directly back to the society.

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