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NSW farmers making lamb sausage rolls eye supermarket sales after Condobolin bakery success

Click here to read the full story by Tim Fookes for ABC Rural.

The iconic sausage roll has been a staple of Australian life for decades, and now a New South Wales farming family is giving it a makeover.

Fiona Aveyard, from the state’s central west, said her family had created the party favourite using lamb meat produced on their farm.

She said the idea to use lamb meat started as a novelty during the drought.

“We were invited to participate in a beer festival in 2019 and had to think of a way to use our lambs,” she said.

“I thought what better than a beer in one hand, and a lamb sausage roll in the other.

“I got in touch with a bakery nearby at Condobolin and started making them.”

Ms Aveyard said the sausage rolls proved to be a huge hit and the business took off.

“Lamb is a premium meat, so we are making them as a gourmet food product,” she said.

Ms Aveyard said creating sausage rolls using lamb meat had been a learning curve.

“Initially, we went into it wanting the sausage roll to be 100 per cent meat, but it’s not that straightforward,” she said.

“Traditionally, they don’t have a lot of meat in them, because you need a component of fat and bread crumbs to get the taste and texture right.”

“It took quite a while to perfect it, and to get the lamb flavour when you bite into it.”

Ms Aveyard said the sausages rolls had a range of spices added to give them a punch.

“We make them for special events and they’re sold at the bakery we make them at, and even though they’re more expensive than the traditional sausage rolls ours are always selling out,” she said.

Click here to read the full story by Tim Fookes for ABC Rural.

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