In these rules: “Association” means the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Incorporated. “Board” means the elected board of management of the Association. “Dorper” means a sheep showing the phenotype of the Dorper or White Dorper Sheep. “Member” means a Full Member, Commercial Member or Junior Member of the Association, established in accordance with these rules. In the case of an Applicant who is not a natural person, “Member” also refers to a person nominated by the Applicant to exercise membership privileges on their behalf. A “Membership” refers to the rights and privileges associated with the payment of one set of annual fees; an Applicant may hold multiple Memberships…

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According to the Constitution of the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia, By-Laws may be developed and amended by the Board of the Association.
By-Laws provide an operational framework for important functions of the Association. They complement, and must not contradict, the Constitution.
These By-Laws were originally ratified by the Board in October 2013, with amendments approved in February 2015, October 2015, October 2016, February 2017, April 2017, November 2017, June 2018, September 2018, October 2018, March 2019 and November 2020.

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