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Clearance rates improve on Auctions Plus

Sheep numbers increased by nearly 6,000 head to total 9,715 listed. Buyer confidence improved, resulting in an 87 per cent clearance. NSW buyers were active, purchasing just shy of 2,000 head of the Queensland offering, while Qld buyers also looked to NSW, purchasing 540 head from Central West NSW.

NSM Merino ewes sold from $100 to $151, averaging $130. The top price was returned by a line of 670 Merino ewes, offered by Bimbil Pty Ltd, St George. Weighing 57kgs, these ewes are 4.5 years, Poodginook blood and have a 2 1/2″ skin. This line will travel across the border to Carinda, NSW. The vendor also offered a further 662 Merino ewes across 3 lots; a highlight saw a line of 94 Merino ewes achieve $131.50. This line is 2.5 years, weighing 48kgs with a 2 1/2″ skin and found a NSW buyer from Mungindi. From Goondiwindi, a line of 600 Merino ewes sold for $132. These ewes are Mumblebone blood, 2.5-3.5 years, weigh 49kgs, have a 1/4″ skin and will travel to Thargomindah.

Merino wethers sold from $89 to $128. From Talwood, TJ & AE Oliver offered a line of 210 Merino wethers which returned the top price. Weighing 52kgs, these wethers are 2 years, Egelabra blood, have a 2 1/4″ skin and will travel across the border to Tamworth, NSW. Offered by the same vendor, a line of 660 wethers, 19-20 months and weighing 47kgs returned $117. While Callygoora Holdings, Thallon, offered a line of 750 Merino wethers which sold for $89. These wethers are Karbullah blood, rising 2 years, weigh 35kgs with a 1/4″skin and found a buyer from Longreach.

Merino wether lambs sold for $95 and $107.50. HH Harris & Sons, Talwood offered a line of 780 wether lambs which returned the top price. These lambs are Merryville blood, Sept/Oct 18′ drop with a 2 1/2″ skin and weigh 29kgs. While from Ilfracombe, a line of 710 Merino lambs sold for $95. These lambs are Apr/May 18′ drop, weigh 35kgs and have a 1/4″ skin.

From Morven, a line of 467 Dorper mixed sex lambs sold for $140. Weighing 44kgs, these lambs are Jul/Aug 18′ drop and found a buyer from Inverell, NSW. From Gore, Ennisclare Pty Ltd offered a line of 400 White Dorper ewes which returned $125. These ewes are 2-6 years, weigh 48kgs, and are SIL to White Dorper rams.

Another highlight saw 10 Boer cross buck goats, offered by David M Owens, Longreach, return $250. These goats are 6-9 months, averaging 40kg and found a local buyer.

Click here to read the full story by Hannah Kermode (Auctionsplus) for The Queensland Country Life.

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