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Burrawang 2022 On-Farm Sale Results

May be an image of text that says 'Burrawang & WHITE DORPER STUD DORPER COMMITTED TO BREED EXCELLENCE 20TH ON FARM RAM SALE 100% CLEARANCE OF 197 LOTS BR&C N G The average sale price of $5,990 Total Sale of $1,180,200 142 DORPERS AVG: $5, 726 SELLING THE BEST WITH A TOP PRICE OF $36,000 55 WHITE DORPERS AVG: $6,674 WITH A TOP PRICE OF $41,000 Elite Livestock AUCTIONS'

Image above: Burrawang Dorpers

Sale date: 10th October 2022

The top price of White Dorper Ram was $41,000 (LOT 18 CRACKER JACK (tag 200968) sold for $41,000 to Melashdan Dorper & White Dorper Stud, SA)

The top price of Dorper Ram was $36,000 (LOT 15 GREAT GUN (tag 200265) sold for $36,000 to @deepdale_dorper)

Image below: Article from The Land

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