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BreedELITE – Stop Buying Things In Pieces

If you always buy ‘bits’ of systems, you’ll end up with a pile of jigsaw pieces that don’t form any complete picture.

You don’t go out on a Friday night to buy a steak and chips with a pint of beer, each from a different pub! So why do most people want to buy and piece together technology systems themselves?

When it comes to running a data-driven sheep farm, for a lot of farmers, this concept is entirely new. So it’s important to buy in ‘whole pieces’ wherever possible, and in systems that produce results from Day 1.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy the Rolls Royce top end $80k technology system with all the bells and whistles.

You can buy in a stepped approach, but making sure that each step is a complete system for the needs you have now, whilst also enabling expansion later on. Don’t buy a teflon box that nothing else can stick to!

As a farmer you’re probably always short on time. Money comes and goes but time is always short. You need to invest in time saving systems to free yourself up.

Capital investment is something to take with caution, but it isn’t something to be scared of. At worst, you may lose 20% of the investment on resale. At best, it could completely revolutionise your way of farming, reduce your labour costs, and

give you control and efficiency like never before.

Good labour is still getting harder to find, and I haven’t met anyone in the last five years who is optimistic about labour availability increasing in the coming years.

You’re going to be busy no matter what, right – so what do you want to be busy doing? If I had to guess I’d say you’d want to spend more time making decisions with confidence, and make more money because of it.

Buying integrated systems that work together may cost a little more, but they save time which ultimately ends up costing you less – and makes the process a hell of a lot smoother in the meantime.


By Tim Johnsson

Co-Founder & CEO – BreedELITE

(08) 8382 4565

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