The Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc. is the proprietor of above the trademark which was developed to assist in marketing the Prime Dorper Lamb brand and facilitate the connection from paddock to plate.  The logo represents our integrity and trace ability.

Our goal is to ensure: “Prime Dorper Lamb is ethically sourced from MSA accredited producers who have a high regard for animal welfare and produce quality lamb with superior yield of carcass and eating quality.” It is our vision to have the Prime Dorper Lamb brand and logo well recognised throughout the country as the lamb of choice.

The PDL Marketplace Pilot Project in conjunction with DSSA and MLA is progressing well and is on track to increase awareness and demand for our unique product.

PDL Marketplace will be the electronic platform where Prime Dorper Lamb can be sold directly by producers to either butchers, restaurants or customers. No middlemen, no distributors, just direct, clear sales where producers stand by their product with full trace ability and assurance of the genuine article. Please visit and register your interest as a potential supplier or purchaser.

Click here to read an article in the 2018 DSSA liftout magazine which features an update on the how the project is progressing.

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