Dorper Training Course – Dell NSW

Event details

  • Thursday | July 25, 2019 to Sunday | July 28, 2019
  • All Day
  • Moama, New South Wales
  • 0409 333 240

The Van Niekerk family are holding a Dorper training course at their studs Dell, African & Dumisa, located in Moama, NSW.

This course will be held Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th July 2019.

This is an excellent opportunity to build your knowledge and maximise your ability to breed quality and high performance Dorpers and White Dorpers.


Providing members access to training workshops to build their knowledge and maximise their ability to breed quality and high performance dorpers and white dorpers and contribute to the success of the breed nationally is an important priority for the DSSA. Training in the breed standard and the‘typing’ system is seen as an important part of this role.

The attributes of the breeds have been developed and refined through careful analysis and selection over 80 years. The knowledge accumulated through that time, including links between important physical traits of animals and their ability to thrive, reproduce and to produce a quality carcase, even in suboptimal conditions is reflected in the breed standards.

Training involves 4 day highly practical hands on courses that enable participants to gain a strong ability to recognise desirable and undesirable characteristics in individual animals and to gain a good understanding of the ‘typing system’ and how it can be used to improve your selection of animals. Breeders are encouraged to utilise objective management to select for performance traits and to be guided by a sound knowledge of the visual traits important for functionality and soundness.

The senior and junior courses will commence on Thursday 25th July 2019, and will run for four days finishing on Sunday 28th July 2019.

The senior course will be run by South African Inspector Stephanus Malan, and the Junior course by a local experienced Inspector.

Note that you do not have to be a member to attend a Dorper course.

Please contact Andrea Van Niekerk for further information on 0409 333 240 or email