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Feb 12
Last Updated on 25 November 2015

Sheep for Sale

The following Sheep for Sale classifieds have been supplied by the vendor.
STEPNEY SA               Listed 11th November 2015        Ref:SA242

White Dorper Commercial Flock Dispersal, in Production for Sale

Year Colour Mob 1 Mob 2 Bloodline
2014 red 25 32 Red Rock/Etiwanda/Kaya
2013 yellow 64 104 Red Rock/Etiwanda/Kaya
2012 purple 72 107 Red Rock/Etiwanda/Kaya
2011 green 72 84 Red Rock/Etiwanda/Kaya
2010 orange 28 23 Etiwanda/Kaya
2009 white 31 23 Etiwanda/Kaya
2008 black 18 17 Etiwanda/Kaya
    310 390  
2009 white 1 3 Red Rock
2010 orange 1 2 Red Rock
2013 yellow 4 2 Red Rock
2014 red   1 Red Rock
    6 8  

  The sheep are of good genetics and have been very well looked after.

 The flock is very placid, fabulous to work with in the yards. 

 We sell on average 100 lambs per month averaging 23 kgs dressed weight.

 All the sheep are excellent shedders - 75% full and 25% light weight saddle.  The light weight saddle ewes retain their saddle and we think do better in sun and cold due to the protection.

 The sheep are in extremely good health.  We use Glanvac 6 in 1 (last application 8/11/2015) B12, Maximus long acting injection and Vitamin ADE for ewes (last application for all 3 was 8/8/2015).  Weaned ewes are injected with Cydectin Weanerguard SE B12 6in 1.  All sheep are supplemented with Kelp and Lienert products.

 We inspect ewes udders every six months and if the udder is dry on 2 consecutive inspections the ewe is culled.

 Dates for all chemical applications can be provided upon request.

 We estimate that there are currently 90 lambs at foot in mob 1 and 110 lambs at foot in mob 2.  The rams are running with the ewes constantly.

 Located in the Northern Barossa Valley of South Australia, 110 klms north of Adelaide.

Inspection and or photos can be arranged by contacting Susie on 0407 392 513 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
GLENGARRY TAS       Listed 10th November 2015       Ref:TAS241

Brocburn Dorper Stud

We have 12 Dorper Ewes with 18 lambs at foot, some by Artificial Insemination to top Kaya sires.
Sell registered or unregistered, priced accordingly.
Excellent shedding ewes & only available as we need to reduce stock due to the dry weather.
Brocburn Dorper Stud is MN3 for Johnes disease, Brucellosis Accredited & free from footrot and scald
Contact - Jim and Jo Lyall, 0408 375 138


NARRABRI NSW          Listed 14th October 2015           Ref:NSW240
Southern Cross Dorpers – 2013 Rams for Sale

No feeding straight out of the paddock

 Priced to sell !

2013 Registered ET Rams from $1000 to $500

 Negotiable for quantity orders 

Phone: Fiona 0447 215 067

MELTON                    Listed 9th October 2015                    Ref:VIC239
20 good 1 year old dorper ewes from good blood lines available and ready to join at Melton Vic.
$125 inc each.

Contact Murray at Melton Dorper 0400 005190

GOULBURN               Listed 27th August 2015                Ref:NSW238
Gundary White Dorpers

We currently have a selection of fullblood white dorper rams available for selection.
These rams are 9-10 months old and are from Terraweena, Tattykeel and Amarula bloodlines. 
All rams are vaccinated for OJD, are brucellosis accredited and come from dermatosporaxis tested breeding. 
Photos can be provided upon request, delivery can be arranged for larger orders.
All rams are priced from $440 inc GST.


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Facebook page - Gundary White Dorpers
SPRINGTON SA          Listed 29th July 2015                      Ref:SA236
Spring Farm Dorper (D716)

Spring Farm Stud Dorpers (black head). Rams for sale.
Sire is African 101, Type 5 by Rodney Raynor, dams type 4/5 by Amarula/Kaya.
Rams are 16 months old, excellent length, muscling, and shedding. MN3 and Brucellosis accredited.
All enquiries, please phone 0428 606 420.
STRATFORD VIC           Listed 15th July 2015                   Ref:VIC235
Warlyn (D990)

We have 4 registered dorper rams for sale, born September 2014.
Sire and Dam's from Groves Estate with Amarula and Niemur bloodlines.
Asking price is from $300.00 (no GST).
Photographs show Sire and lambs.

Contact: Lynda Gardiner and Warwick Hutton, 0406 384 022

LANCELIN WA         Listed 13th July 2015                       Ref:WA234
WALLENDBEEN         Listed 5th June 2015                     Ref:NSW231
Karonga White Dorpers

“Kirrawan Bruce” 2011 Registered White Dorper Ram ex Kirrawan Stud

Excellent worker, usually all lambing finished within 3 weeks. Sucker lambs currently receiving in excess of $120 over the hooks.

Asking $330 incl GST

For more information, please call 0413 614 354 or 02 6943 2761




MUDGEE NSW             Listed 11th January 2013          Ref:NSW078
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