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In the 1930s the need arose for a sheep breed which could produce fast growing lambs with a high quality carcass under extensive conditions. Originally bred for the arid regions of South Africa, Dorpers original from the cross breeding of the Blackhead Persian ewes with a Dorset Horn ram.  Later some Van Rooy genetics were introduced to white variants to get the White Dorper.

Introduced to Australia in mid-1990s, White Dorpers and Dorpers are quickly becoming the fastest growing sheep breed in Australia, due to their potential to adapt to the many varying climates and grazing conditions that Australia has to offer and the greater profitability that can be gained when using such a superior breed as the Dorper breed. Dorpers were bred to produce a high quality carcass under extensive conditions, thus have the reputation of rapid weight gain, excellent carcass conformation and fantastic fat distribution and as well as being non-selective grazers, they have excellent feed conversion.  With their shedding ability, they are low maintenance and do not require shearing, mulesing, crutching or tail docking.  Dorpers and White Dorpers are also highly fertile, polyoestrus and very maternal producing fast growing vigorous lambs.


The DSSA Annual National Dorper & White Dorper Show will be held at Toowoomba, in conjunction with Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show, 11th - 12th April 2018. The Queensland Region Sale will be held at the event on 12th April, 3pm. For more information and details on other events click here


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The Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc. is the proprietor of above the trademark which was developed to assist in marketing the Prime Dorper Lamb brand and facilitate the connection from paddock to plate.  The logo represents our integrity and traceability.  Our goal is to ensure: "Prime Dorper Lamb is ethically sourced from MSA accredited producers who have a high regard for animal welfare and produce quality lamb with superior yield of carcass and eating quality."

It is our vision to have the Prime Dorper Lamb brand and logo well recognised throughout the country as the lamb of choice.



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